The CMAS certification system [C.M.A.S.]

A CMAS certificate is internationally recognized. The certificate is graded using stars - the number of stars tell how far you have come in your training.

CMAS One-Star

In order to start training for a CMAS  one-star certificate, you have to be at least 14 years old, be able to swim and of good health.
Initially you have to pass a minor physical checkout and later, after having passed an oral exam as well as some proficiency-tests in the water, you have earned your CMAS  one-star certificate. Now you can start training for your CMAS  two-star certificate.

CMAS Two-Star

You have to be at least 15 years old before starting the education for a CMAS  two-star  certificate. Here you will be taught to dive in open waters and how to look maintain the safety of yourself as well as that of your buddy.
After passing a written test, you will start training In open waters, leading up to a proficiency test, which will earn you your certificate.
Having earned your CMAS  two-star , you will be able to attend, among other, special DSF-courses in:
Maritime archaeologic, leadership in diving, handling compressors, etc. etc.
A CMAS  two-star  certificate is given to a diver, who knows how to take care of himself and his buddy.

CMAS three-star

The age requirement is now 16 years and you must have had at least 15 dives to a depth of 10 to 30 meters, five of which must have been to a depth of more than 15 meters.
The course dwelves deeper into the theory of diving as well as the areas of equipment-knowledge, the planning and organizing of dives, the handling of small boats and how to handle emergencies.
The training is oriented towards the single student with the help of instructors and leads up to a theoretical test followed by proficiency-tests in open waters.
Having achieved your   three-star certificate, you can continue with the education for becoming a CMAS instructor.

The CMAS   three-star certificate is the highest within the CMAS education-system. You are believed to have sufficient knowledge and ability to lead other scuba-divers at all stages during dives in open waters.

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