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Homebuilt Submersibles homepage

The Homebuilt Submersibles Ring is a Webring that aims to bring all related web pages under one roof. A Webring is a continuous loop of web sites with Next and Previous buttons that take you from one site on the ring to the next. The Homebuilt Submersibles Ring is a linked neighborhood of web sites devoted to building personal submersibles. All I ask is that the sites contain material relevant to the subject and that the page linked to also is the page that contains the ring code. Any related site is welcome.

How Do You Join?

You become a member of the ring by adding your site to a list of potential new members. Once Webring adds your site to the queue, an email will be sent to you with a customized version of the HTML code required for your site. Add this code as soon as possible. You will also need the two small images below (right-click on each and select save):

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When you have finished setting up the code, contact the ringmaster and inform him that you are ready. After your site is reviewed, it will be added to the ring by the ringmaster.

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This site is a member of the  Homebuilt Submersibles Ring  a linked list of sites with a common interest.
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