Building my Jodel D18

Having researched a lot of different airplanes and spoken to people who have built the planes, I finally decided to build a Jodel D18.

The Jodels are built almost entirely from wood and are reported to be relatively easy and cheap to build. All Jodel pilots I have spoken with, praise the pleasant flight characteristics of the plane. On top of this comes factors like the good range and moderate engine needs of the D18.

I intend to build the plane with wing tanks designed by Frank Rogers in Australia, which will add 40 l to the fuel capacity, boosting the range to over 1200 km. Not bad for a homebuilt.

Lowering the stall speed is always tempting, so I am considering the newly developed 15 % flaps. I will have to get a positive statement about the alteration from Delemontez before the DK authorities will allow me to build with the new flaps, but others are working on that.

Wish this was mine

I plan on using the Jabiru 2200 80 HP engine - quite possibly modified with a Swiss-type muffler (article 1, article 2), as I want the plane to be as quiet as possible.

Unfortunately, getting permission to build an aircraft is not exactly easy here in Danmark - especially a wooden plane. One of the major obstacles so far has been the fact that I was required to take a builders course before I started building - and the required wood-building course was cancelled for three consecutive years. Well , that is water under the bridge now. Patentiam gratia est, they say, but at times it has been hard to keep up the enthusiasm. The project journal (required), has been ordered. Perhaps the plans will follow soon ?

Jodel D18 statistics:
Weight & dimensions:
Empty weight 255kg
Gross weight 460kg
Fuel capacity 65l
do. with wing tanks 105l
Length 5.70m
Wing span 7.50m
Wing area 10
Wing loading 46kg/m²
Top speed 248km/h
Cruise speed 175km/h
Range w/o wing tanks 840km
do., with wing tanks 1200km
Stall speed 72km/h
   - = 40kts
Rate of climb 3.5m/s
Takeoff run 250m
Landing run 443m
Service ceiling m
Engine used 58HP
Engine range 58-??HP

D18 under construction
D19 under construction (not mine)


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