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compiled by Edward Buck

Der Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" im Zweiten Weltkrieg

Janusz Piekalkiewicz

Motorbuch Verlag 1984 and reissued 1999

Postfach 10 37 43

70032 Stuttgart, Germany

The "Bible" for the Storch. The "must have." This book lost little or none of it's high quality in the reprint. It is hardbound. Source: Midlands,

Fi 156 Storch Vol. I

Dariusz Karnas and Pawel Przymusiala

Wydawnictwo "Militaria"

00-961 Warszawa 42 skr.pocz. 106


tel 845 14 27, 0 601 21 79 99 fax 41-16-42

tel (from Vol II) 48 22 845 14 27 (24h order service) 0 601 21 79 99


Fi 156 Storch Vol. II

Same authors and publishers. Note "24h order service" was in English.

The above two are from the same authors yet are aimed at different markets. The first has many fine drawings and color sheets of various camouflage schemes. Although it is in Polish, the captions are also in English. It is in the top tier of "must haves". The second volume concentrates on photographic and old original drawings of construction details. These include the radial engines, and details of the frame structure of the "D" ambulance model. Some color sheets of markings, and side view drawings are included. There are no English translations of the Polish, or of the original German drawings. On the other hand, I always wanted to know what the "Tragflaechenwagen der Luftwaffe" looked like, didn't you? Source for either: Midlands, others from Brit magazines where various bookdealers advertise.

Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" Flugzeug Profile #34

Manfred Griehl

Flugzeug Publications GmbH

Thomas-Mann-Str. 3, Illertissen, Germany

Tel: 073 03/96 42 20



All "auf Deutsch", some new pix, side plans of various engines, some restored examples, views in flight from various angles of a "D" ambulance. From Midlands

Fieseler Fi 156

Heinz Nowarra

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

4880 Lower Valley Road

Atglen, PA 19310

Phone: (610) 593-1777 FAX: (610) 593-2002

E-mail: Write for free catalog

For those not conversant in Fraktur written Deutsch, this is a blessed relief. The relief is short lived, however. The treatment is not in the depth of the major works, but is OK as an introduction.

Svenska Flygvapnets Spaningsflygplan

Flygplansritningar 4

Bjorn Karlstrom

Alt om Hobby AB

Box 42006, 126 12 Stockholm, Sweden

This is in Swedish and English; a compendium of plans in various scales of planes flown by the Swedish AF. Among them is the Storch. Details of construction are not the prime object, but views from top and from below fill out gaps in the 3-views of other works. Details of markings are given and backed up by some color pix. Source: I wound up writing the publisher since the US distributor had no idea he was distributing it.

Les Avions Allemands aux Couleurs Francaises, Tome 1 et Tome 2

Philippe Ricco et Jean-Claude Soumille

Editions Lela Presse

39, rue Aristide Briand, 62200 Boulogne sur Mer, France


Sarl Lela Presse

29 rue Paul Bert 62230 Outreau France

Tel: 03-21-33-88-96 Fax: 03-21-32-00-39




These two soft cover books are a wealth of information from WWI on through WW-II, Indochina, and Algeria for German planes flown by the French. Among them, naturally, are the Storch and the French version, the Criquet. Some color schemes are shown, along with a few unusual details such as the French version of the ski landing gear. Good B/W pix of the radial engines. The books are not consecutive; both have some Storch stuff. For the diehard Storcher who can read some French. Many photo captions are also in English. I got mine from the Sarl Lela Presse address; they take credit cards.

Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Aircraft Profile 228 blue cover

Richard P. Bateson

Profile Publications Ltd, Coburg House, Sheet Street, Windsor, Berks. SL41EB, UK

Out of print; pub Oct 71. In English!!! and very good coverage for a thin treatise. Worth looking for from old magazine dealers, or dealers in old magazines.

Squadron / Signal Publications

1115 Crowley Dr

Carrollton, TX 75011-501010

deserve mention. Their series of books includes some with a few pix of the Storch. Some of their titles with Stoerche are: (all in English)

VNAF South Vietnamese Air Force 1945-1975

Jim Mesko 1987.

Still in Squadron catalog but being remaindered. French VN markings

Regia Aeronautica Vol I , C. Shores, 1976 and Regia Aeronautica Vol II,F. D'Amico, G. Valentini. 1986.

These cover consecutive periods and each has a few pix to guide final color schemes.

Finnish Air Force 1939-1945

K. Keskinen & K. Stenman, 1998

I could have sworn there was a pic in there; oh well - the color scheme used is on several other planes

Hungarian Air Force

George Punka, 1994

A color plate painting, a few B/W pix.

Rumanian Air Force, The Prime Decade, 1938-1947

Denes Bernad, 1999

Color plate, some B/W pix, and a short description of Romanian construction of the Storch. My favorite color schemes.

There are a lot of compendia of WW-II aircraft with each getting a page or two.

A few are of note.

Hitler's Luftwaffe

Tony Wood and Bill Gunston, Salamander Books, 1977

A nice 2 page cutaway of the Storch.

German Aircraft of World War II

Editor David Donald, 1996

Motorbooks International

729 Prospect Ave. PO Box 1, Osceola, WI 54020, USA

Seven pages all for the Storch, several color plates, and the same cutaway as above but smaller. Shows an ambulance Storch with hatches open.



For some reason, US magazines have not been, for me, a fruitful source of Storchabilia. So, the titles will not be mentioned. Some British and French magazines are occasionally a source of material. This is particularly true of the French, who dote on history as much as the model.


Scale Aviation Modeler, SAM Publications, 4 Princeton Court, Pilgrim Centre, Brickhill Drive, Bedford MK41 7PZ, UK. Tel (44) 0 8707 333373 Email: This is model oriented, but has some book reviews and has ads from publishers who occasionally stock Storchy stuff.

Insignia, Blue Rider Publishing, 43a Glasford Street, London SW17 9HL, UK, Tel: 0181-672 3049 Email: More short history squibs. Weird stuff, too- Afghan, Estonian, early Bolshevik etc.


Wing Masters, 19, avenue de la Republique, 75011 Paris, France. Mix 50/50 history and models. Some bookhandlers advertise.

Aero Journal, Aero Editions, 50, bld Paul Valery, 32500 Fleurance, France.

Tel: email:

History, some color schemes, English translation insert.

Replic, 144 rue Martre, 92110 Clichy, France. Tel: 33-01 47 31 69 53

No E-mail given. Models; Issue 89 Jan 1999 covered the Storch and Criquet.

Avions, 29 rue Paul Bert, 62230 Outreau, France

Tel: E.mail:

History. Offers a companion series Batailles Aeriennes, which focuses on particular air war campaigns. Paper is not as good as some of the others, but the books are on great heavy paper.


Edward G. Buck, MD

Please contact or if you have further information or corrections.

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