Overview of Storch/Criquet usage

The Fieseler Storch, in it's different incarnations, has been in use in many countries throughout the world. Most of the following information has been provided by Chris Thornburg.

Australiacapt. in Australian markingssev.
BulgariaFi 156C-340/5319
Czechused orig Fi 156?
Mraz K-65 Cap first flight?40/61138
East-Germany?found a reference somewhere don't know where now that they used a few.
EgyptRoyal Flight used M-S MS.502 Criquet52/552
FinlandFi 156K-139/602
Francesome captured (1941?)1945
MS.500 Criquet first flight 194244/60s347
MS.502 used by Navy1945
Greeceref to use of Fi 156C-1
HungaryFi 156C-2, D-1 Golya (Stork)42/6137
Mraz K-65 Cap49/~30
ItalyFi 156C-1,2,3,5 used by Aviazione della Repubblica Sociale Italiana (RSI) and Italian Co-Belligerent AF (CBAF)42/53?38?
Laos? MS.50055/58 67?10
Morocco? MS.50056/676
(Haerens Flyvemaskin Fabrik) rebuiltpost war8
PolandAF used Fi 156C49/50s7
N used49/50s2
RomaniaFi 156Ca-341/6445
ICAR built43/4680
South Africa?Fi 156C-7 (probably capt.)46/47
SlovakiaMraz K-65 Cap10
used Antonov As-6
SpainFi 165A-1 Criquet used by Nationalists38/454
used by AF39/6117
SwitzerlandFi 156C-3Trop40/635
used one MS.500 now preserved1
South VietnamMS.50050/585
YugoslaviaMraz K-65A Cap194136+

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