UH-10T2 For several years I have dreamt of building my own hovercraft. It all started when I came across a copy of  Jane's Surface Skimmers and found the addresses of Universal Hovercraft and some Australian company. I wrote to Bob Windt and received a catalog. I was hooked! I soon bought plans for two craft from Universal Hovercraft. The craft I bought plans for were the UH-10T2, in order to learn the tricks of the trade, and the UH-14S, which sounded like a nice craft - especially the part about being quiet. I started looking around for at place to build the things, but soon put the project on hold, as I met the woman who is now my wife and changed my priorities. Four years later and after several relocations, I started gearing up to actually build the craft. I soon discovered that one of the craft I purchased plans for, the UH-14S, had been discontinued and, as the other craft, the UH-10T2, really is nothing but a plaything, I took another view at what was available.

Tri-FlyerI drooled for a while over the sleek lines of the  Tri-Flyer from Riley Enterprises. The Tri-flyer is actually the same craft as the UH-15P, only with better plans. (Rumors that the May '86 issue of Popular Mechanics should feature the UH-15P/TRI-Flyer design are not exact - it was only an add). After looking closer at the design, I decided that the wave-handling capabilities of the craft probably wouldn't be sufficient to handle the relatively open waters where I live.

Sevtec VanguardAfter reading a lot of comments in the discussion group alt.rec.hovercraft and sorting out the information from various homepages, I came to the conclusion that a Sevtec SEV might be exactly what I was looking for. I discussed the design of the craft with Barry Palmer and Bryan Phillips. The capabilities, especially the wave handling, of the Sevtec's are more to my liking and the craft, while not so fast as the designs from UH, seems more agile and rugged and all have positive flotation. If that is not enough, they are also more economic on fuel and should be very quiet - the latter being a major consideration. Bob Hodges has put together a compaison of craft from Sevtec and UH that is worth while reading before deciding on a craft.

Prospector built by Christopher Haskins Interior of Christopher Haskins' craftI had actually decided on building the Vanguard, when I got hold of a complete Subaru 1.6 sedan dirt cheap. I'm now in the situation where I probably can build a Prospector for less than a Vanguard would cost, so that's what I'm going to do. The Prospector has wave handling capabilities that will enable me to use it in normal weather conditions throughout Danish waters. I intend to build it with a detachable hardtop and a heating system, so I can use it not only during summer, but in the winter as well - without freezing my butt off. Anyway, building the Prospector in stead of a Vanguard, will enable me to go on vacation in the craft, thus expanding the possible use of the craft. If you take a look at the photos, you will see that there is plenty of room for four people.

Ain't she lovely ?
This is how I hope my own craft will come to look

Construction log







Sevtec Prospector, 16 ft. version

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