The term ju-jitsu can be translated as the gentle art. However it is important to understand the meaning correctly, since the term ju explains the basic principle of the art. Gentle in this content means yielding and flexible. One should not move against the force of an opponent, but give in and use the strength of the opponent to ones own advantage.

Of all the Japanese martial arts ju-jitsu contains the most variety, is the most amorphous and is the least organized. The main reason for this is that unlike karate, aikido and judo, which all have a modern 'father' or founder, ju-jitsu has none. In nineteenth century Japan there were dozens of jujitsu ryu (schools), each with its own distinctive variations on the battlefield and in empty-handed combat. Some of these ryu died out while others have continued up to the present day.

Today the ju-jitsu techniques taught in any particular club depends mainly on the training of the instructor. In one club you might find people training very traditional techniques while others are focusing on modern self defense. Some clubs practice the use of traditional Japanese weapons like katana, bo, etc.

Common to most ju-jitsu styles are four basic elements:

Books on Ju-jitsu

Jiu Jitsu : The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual (White to Green Belt)
Robert Clark
Paperback /Published 1991
ISBN 0-7136-3403-0

A clear, competent and concise instruction book
This book, like the others in this series comes highly recommended. Robert Clark is one of the biggest names in British ju-jitsu. This book illustrates the moves required to pass his "World Ju-jitsu Federation" grading scheme. Since he was one of the first on the scene in the UK it has had a great influence. This book provides a solid foundation for any jitsuka. It is clearly illustrated (with the author performing the moves) and well presented. A "must have" book.

Jiu Jitsu : The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual : Blue Belt to Brown Belt
Author: Robert Clark
Binding: Paperback
Published 1998
ISBN 0-7136-3720-X

Jiu Jitsu:Black Belt Syllabus
Author: Robert Clark
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 00/0000 | Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books, Incorporated
ISBN: 0-7136-3831-1

Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Jujitsu
Bruce Tegner
Paperback /Published 1977
ISBN 0-8740-7027-9

Unlike many martial arts "Manuals" this one doesn't try to shroud the techniques in mystery, or pretend that you can become a black belt just by reading the book. Instead, it presents the material in an easy to read format that accurately describes the action in the photographs. A word of caution though, it reads a bit like a text book and the smallish black and white photos sometimes make it hard to see exactly what's going on. Overall, it is an excellent introduction to the art of ju jitsu for those who would like to either explore the martial arts, or experienced stylists who wish to expand their knowledge.

Jujitsu : Basic Techniques of the Gentle Art/425
George A. Kirby, Gregory Lee (Photographer)
Paperback /Published 1989
ISBN 0-8975-0088-1

This book is a good introduction to Jujitsu
This book delivers exactly what the title promises. Kirby does a good job explaining the basics of each technique and the pictures are of good quality. The variety of throws shown are simple enough for the beginner to follow and execute if they have a good sense of balance. The techniques for the most part are also very practical for use in a variety of situations.Some of the locks are difficult to see but the book would have to be much larger for those type of pictures to really prove useful. For the person who is interested in learning basic throws and submission locks, this book is an excellent starting point.

Intermediate Techniques of Jujitsu : The Gentle Art/441
George Kirby, et al
Paperback /Published 1985
ISBN 0-8975-0128-4

Japan's Ultimate Martial Art : Jujitsu Before 1882 the Classical Japanese Art of Self-Defense
Darrell Max Craig
Paperback /Published 1995
ISBN 0-8048-3027-4

Jujitsu in an historical perspective.
Craig Sensei has provided the jujitsu community with a look at their roots. An honest, well documented study of the golden age of traditional jujitsu with a brief discussion and illustration of many of the lesser known techniques of jujitsu.

Jujitsu : Techniques & Tactics (Martial Arts Series)
Doug Musser, Thomas A. Lang
Paperback /Published 1999
ISBN 0-8801-1830-X

Musser and Lang offer detailed instruction on correct jujitsu techniques, self-defense tips, and the profound philosophy of life that lies behind the moves. 135 photos.

Excellent Foundational Book of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
Musser & Lang Sensei provided in clear and understandable illustrations and text as a primer for any student of any skill level. It is an excellent source of the foundational principles and practices of the very thorough system of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. If you want to learn about Jujitsu for the first time this is a great starting point. If you want to hone your existing skills this is also the book for you. Highly recommended.

Secrets of Advanced Combat Ju-Jutsu
D'Arcy Rahming, et al
Paperback /Published 1994
ISBN 0-9627-8988-7

Well-known instructor D'Arcy Rahming teaches the self-defense techniques of Ju-Jutsu from beginning moves for the novice to advanced strategies for the black belt. Over 900 illustrations bring the lessons to life.

Small-Circle Jujitsu
Wally Jay, et al
Paperback / Published 1989
ISBN 0-8975-0122-5

Good book. Mostly pictures, and no B.S. He just lays out the techniques, and that's it. Inset pictures show grips for clarity. Not crystal clear, but with any training you get it.

The Sport of Judo As in Japan Practiced
Kobayashi, et al
Paperback / Published 1957
ISBN 0-8048-0542-3

Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-Jujutsu
H. E. Davey
Paperback / Published 1997
ISBN 1-5702-8121-1

It discusses the history, theory, philosophy and techniques of aikijujutsu and Japanese martial arts in a well-written, intelligent and even scholarly way. It actually offers more in its descriptions of martial techniques than the all too typical, “Now I move my right foot forward . . .” sort of explanation. The author provides extremely detailed and clear descriptions of how to perform the large number of techniques depicted in this book. Far too many martial arts books only describe what is obviously taking place in the photos, which is just that—obvious. H. E. Davey explains points that are essential for success and still not immediately apparent by looking at the pictures. This book contains a very thorough series of technical instructions.

Japan's Complete Fighting System : Shin Kage Ryu
Robin L. Rielly
Hardcover / Published 1988
ISBN 0-8048-1536-4

Ju-Jitsu : Classical and Modern
Eddie Ferrie
Paperback / Published 1993
ISBN 1-8522-3722-8 (Special Order)

Secret Nidan Techniques of Hakkoryu Jujutsu
Dennis Palumbo
Paperback / Published 1988
ISBN 0-8736-4455-7 (Back Ordered)

Hakkoryu jujutsu will give you the fluid strength to smoothly and deftly dispatch any attacker, the ability to absorb the force of an attack and shrug off the pain and the confidence to relax in a threatening situation and dominate it. Here you will discover the disabling pressure point pin of te kagami, the excruciating pain of nidan wrist locks and eight nidan walking-exercise sets designed for defense against kicks, attacks from the rear and surprise attacks to the upper body.

The Secrets of Hakkoryu Jujutsu : Shodan Tactics
Dennis G. Palumbo
Paperback / Published 1987
ISBN 0-8736-4422-0

Well-written, relatively clearly presented overview.
Author Palumbo has done the Hakkoryu Jujutsu community a great service by publishing a very easy-to-use series of books on its history and techniques. The only weakness is that, when presenting a technique using photographs, it is not always clear to someone reading his books how one position flows to another. It seems like there should be one or two more photographs showing the changes in foot positions so that the student doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Black Belt Karate, Judo and Jujitsu
Bruce Tegner
ISBN 0-8740-7033-3

Blackbelt Techniques in the Martial Arts
ISBN 0-8069-4078-6

Blackbelt Techniques in the Martial Arts
Russell. Kozuki
ISBN 0-8069-4079-4

Ju Jitsu
Michael. Depasquale
ISBN 0-6713-2963-4

Jujitsu : the art of precision
Joe Uphoff
ISBN 0-9431-2316-X

Junior Judo
E. J. Harrison
ISBN 0-6712-9853-4

Master's Jiu Jitsu
Robert Clark
ISBN 0-7207-1845-7

Monarch Illustrated Guide to Ju Jitsu
Michael Depasquale
ISBN 0-6711-8777-5


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