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This page makes my bookmarks much easier to manage. It is the easiest way to remember all those numerous search-engines. I have tried to recreate most of the forms-based search capabilities as consistently as possible, while retaining their functionality. However, I cannot (and will not) even begin to emulate the full functionality of sites like Yahoo or HotBot.
Planned additions/extensions are WebCrawler, WebSearch, WhatsNewToo, Sleuth and whatever else I can dig up. If you find any errors or if you have suggestions for improvement or additions or even finished forms, then drop me a note.

Local jumps for those engines I have forms for
[AltaVista] [Magellan] [H o t B o t] Lycos
Yahoo  [JUBII] OpenText LinkMaster Cool Search
Infoseek DejaNews The WWW Worm Starting Point(TM)
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    The WWW Worm

    Big, plain, straightforward approach to the World Wide Web

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    Starting Point(TM)

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          or try these pages . . .

    Click these . . . for general searches . . .
    Otis Index Combines several search devices and Internet resource listings, including Newsgroups
    Webcrawler Search their Index of Sites by Keyword. Results give direct links to sites
    Web Search A very complete, colorful compendium
    What's New Too New Sites and Net related announcements
    Click these . . . for E-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, etc . . .
    People on the InternetSearch for E-Mail addresses and URL's
    InfoSpace Phone, Fax, e-mail; yellow, blue, white pages, maps, plans. Huge resource, mostly USA but still vaguely world-wide
    Click these . . . for special subject matter . . .
    ALIWEB Database A solid United Kingdom based resource discovery system for the World Wide Web
    All-in-One Search Page Links to several search engines
    Awesome Lists Books, documents, publishers, etc
    CUSI (Configurable Unified Search Engine)- not so straightforward, but useful U.K. based searches.
    Cyberlands Another multiple search page . . .
    Front Desk The ultimate for finding software, from Ljubljana, Slovenia
    EINet Mostly commercial, but has an overall search capability
    Harvest Information Discovery and Access System; a different, technical approach
    Internet Sleuth Very large database with multiple access to other search engines
    The SIMON Index System of Internet Mapping for Organized Navigation; an intriguing project, not for beginners.
    W3 Summary All known Web Servers, by WWW
    W3 Search Engines Technical, not so easy to use, but sometimes useful for rareties.
    Apollo Advertisements database covering Services, Retailers and Classifieds. Search by Category, by Location and by Keywords.
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