"Kaninhop" (Danish for rabbit jumping) is pretty much like show jumping for horses. It started in Sweden about two decades ago and has been practiced in Danmark since '93.

"Kaninhop" has become quite organized with competitions in several classes and disciplines as well as a formal set of rules (I printed out the Danish rules the other day - 16 pages using a 12 point type).

The disciplines are Straight course, Winding course, the long jump and the high jump. Straight and winding course has four classes each - easy, standard, difficult and elite. The long jump start with a length of 60 - 80 cm and the high jump with a height of 40 or 60 cm - both gradually increasing as the rabbit clears each step.

Current records are 99½ cm for the high jump and 300 cm for the long jump - not bad for a small animal.


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