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While I prepare for the plane I really want, I might as well build something else, so I've bought plans for a Ragwing design, a RW6 "Parasol" single-seater - also known as the "Rag-a-Mufin".

There are a few points I'd like to press home: There are NO stress calculations available for this construction and the plans are lousy with several inclarities and omissions. But, the plane is very easy and cheap to build and there is excellent support available from other builders on the RagWing mailing list.

As the RW6 is constructed of wood and fabric, I should be able to keep the investment minimal and spread it out, except for the engine, where I am considering using the 40 HP Hirth 2702. The second largest investment will be the covering, where I intend to use the Stits' Poly-fiber process for reasons of safety (it won't burn) and longevity.

RW6 "Parasol" statistics
Top speed 144km/h
Cruise speed 104km/h
Range 320km
Stall speed 40km/h
Rate of climb 4m/s
Takeoff run 30m
Landing run 45m
Service ceiling 3,000m
Engine used 2si/38HP
Engine range 20-52HP
Fuel capacity 22.7l
Empty weight 110kg
Gross weight 250kg
Height 1.83m
Length 5.03m
Wing span 7.77m
Wing area 10.87
Wing loading 23kg/m²

The plane classifies as an ultra light, even within the Danish regulations, which should cut the red tape about construction to a minimum. If I build this plane, supervision of the project will be handled by DULFU (Dansk UltraLet Flyver Union) and the plane would be required to go through a static load test - the latter beeing the reason I'm contemplating an uncalculated design.

If you are interested in any of the RagWing designs, I suggest you join the RagWing builders email list. Send a mail to ragwing-request@gurr.org and put "subscribe ragwing" as the body of your message.

John Weikel's RW6
John Weikels RW6

Another RW6 builder, is Charles Lewis. Here are some pictures of his plane.


Cost of project
DateActivity/Itemcost, DKK
9810??Membership, KZ&V307
9810??RW6 plans & video515
990122-24Seminar on fabric covering832
990122-24Transport, do. 618 km 2.381471
990122-24Food, do275


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