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This page mainly served as a jump-base for some of my older interests, but I've discontinued maintaining it. Have fun !

DFUSpeaking of jumping - have you ever tried skydiving ? If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, get out of the vehicle. I had the opportunity to get ten jumps before my first wife put an end to it. Now that I'm divorced, I just might do something about that.

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Chatsubo Ken Stone's chatsubo page. The Chatsubo is a bar as created by William Gibson. It is used as point of common referenceof the writers of the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. If you like chatsubo-style cyberpunk, then be sure to check out 'In search of Neko', wich is a story that was interactively written by various writers from the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. Here you will also find 'Puma', the precursor to In Search of Neko. A full novel set in the Cyberpunk 2020 universe following the adventures of a Net cowboy and his cat-eared girl friend as they fight overwhelmimg odds to get together. Puma was the story that got me hooked on the genre. Ken is also very interested in Anime and has loads of his own images strewn around on the site.

Catalina Chatsubo Archives, is the place where I have found most of the stories I have read in the genre. It is not the easiest place to get into - some of the time it even looks as if it doesn't even exist. It DOES !!!

Here are some other related pages I plan to investigate in the future
Chatsubo Archives at (broken)
The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Verse & Prose
Fiction Space Content bad link ???
University of Michigan Fantasy and Science Fiction Home Page
Cyberpunk Fiction Root Page (broken)
Other ShadowRun Sites
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Otis Index - Cyber Culture (broken)
Misc. reading

Myths and Legends is THE site for anyone interested in mythology. This site is very well organized and has links to just about every subject in mythology. This is where I found the link to Jennifer Walkers "Here be Dragons" page.

DragonHere be Dragons. This is a site for dragon-lovers. Jennifer Walker has created some very tasteful pages. I love the graphics and she is a member of The Dragon Ring, so there are links to a lot of other dragon-related sites.


CCInk Circuit Cellar Ink, is my favourite periodical. It targets people who develop electronics and does it in a down to earth manner. It has a lot of interesting articles and I look forward to opening it each month. CCI was started by Steve Ciarcia, who used to write the column "Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar" in byte. When he left Byte, I stopped reading it.

c't is a German computer magazine. It used to be an interesting periodical with good articles on programming and some hardware, but lately they have gone the same way as Byte Magazine - too damn many rewiews, almost no programming and no hardware. I'm no longer a subscriber.

Elrad (broken) is the electronics split-off from c't. It's an interesting magazine and has some good articles.

Ingeniøren/net is a Danisk weekly for engineers. Moderately interesting, allthough most of the articles that could be interesting are too shallow.


[Help Support B5] Babylon 5 Support Page. Babylon 5 is the five year story of a space station located in a neutral section of the war torn galaxy. And unlike some other science fiction TV series, it offers a good, continous and tense storyline. Unfortunately, Babylon 5 does not receive the support that it definitely deserves.

Dilbert, is a must for any serious engineer. His boss sure knows what makes a company successfull #8-)

Monty Python (PythOnline)

If you are interested in Scotland then try this link. I'm partly interested because their original culture interests to me, partly because part of me name ("Rankin") is Scottish. Sofar I've managed to find, that Rankin apparently is a Macleod name, but that is as far as I got. If you know more about this, then send me an e-mail.

Sex and pornography

You won't find any pornography here. While I have a healthy appetite on the subject, I won't spend hours online trying to find something wich is much better in nature. If you insist, then try one of the search-tools ...

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